Great that you are trying out the self-driving shuttle bus! This questionnaire should not take longer than 5-7 min to fill in, and you will have the chance to win a digital gift certificate of 250SEK from SuperPresentkortet.

If you believe that you will use the shuttle bus additional times (and thus gain more experience), you are free to return to this questionnaire at a later occasion (up until june 2021). 

The questionnaire study is being conducted by RISE - research institutes of Sweden, with the purpose to gain insights on experiences from using the shuttle service. This is part of the evaluation material in the S3-project, and summarized results may be distributed via reports, conferences, and academic publications. Answers to the questionnaire are collected by RISE using the the tool Surveymonkey, and if you want to participate in the lottery to win a gift certificate then you need to provide an email address. Your answers will then be anonymized by separating the email address from the answers. If you chose not to provide an email address, then your answers will be automatically anonymous. Please do not leave any personal information in the questionnaire's open text fields. More information on how your (possible) email address is treated can be found here:
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